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Ротоформовочное оборудование

   Automatic rotor-molding machines of ARM series are designed for manufacturing of large-dimensional and small-dimensional containers and other products using the rotational molding, for example containers with the capacity of up to 36,000 liters, containers for construction, containers for the food industry, waste tenks, pontoons, toilet and shower cabins, children playing facilities, road barriers, cones, and more. The machines can be manufactured with one, two, three or four arms to be placed on the turntable, providing, respectively, 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 cycles per hour.

    Standard configuration of machines: gearmotors - MOTOVARIO (Italy); electric power section - ABB, SIEMENS (Germany); frequency converters - HITACHI (Japan); electronic control system - European components; heating chamber (stove) - collapsibleof the panels with high insulation; diesel burner - ECOFLAM (Italy).
   All components are purchased from authorized representatives and are accompanied by warranty service. Also, if desired by the CLIENT, the machines can be equipped with the components of the buyer’s country.
     Additional options: air supply to the heating chamber (Venturi tube); air supply into the mold; chamber for air-to-water cooling; computer interface; control system and containers for loading of raw materials during the cycle (for the 2nd and 3rd layers); supplying the machines with angle position sensors of a form - for manufacturing of 2-layer and 3-layer products. Detailed configuration of the machines is stipulated in the contract.
     The principle of machines operation (see full description ARM-2200).
     When pressing Start:

1. 3 planes obverse-reverse rotationof forms activates.
2. The doors of the heating chamber open.
3. The carriage moves the form into the heating chamber, the doors close.
4. Heating in the heating chamber activates and the molding process occurs.
5. In 15-20 minutes forms move out of the heating chamber and cool down for 15-20 minutes.
6. The carriage moves the forms into the service area, the product is ready - the alarm sounds - the cycle is complete.
7. We open the form, extract the finished products, load raw materials for the next product, close the form. The machine is ready for the next cycle.
     All processes except p.7 are controlled by the automatics; p.7 is performed by the operator. 

The machines manufacturing period is 3-5 months, depending on the model and the configuration.

We also offer supporting equipment and mechanisms for acceleration and convenience of the technological process while manufacturing the products in rotor-molding workshop.