Characteristics of roto-molding machines

Technical specifications

of automatic rotor-molding machine of

ARM - 2000, ARM - 3000, ARM - 4000, ARM-5000, ARM-6000 series


Name of parameter ARM- 2000m ARM-3000m ARM- 4000m ARM- 5000m ARM-6000m м 
Technical specifications      
The size of the heating chamber, mm (length, height, width) 2000300040005000 6000
Control system - programmable controller хххх х
The maximum size, mm 1800х1500х15002800х2000х20003800х3000х30004800х3500х3500 5800х4500х4500
The maximum volume of manufactured container, liters 200060001600030000 50000
Capacity, cycles per hour 1 to 4 1 to 4 up to 1 up to 1  up to 1
Processed material PE, PP, PVC PE, PP, PVC PE, PP, PVC PE, PP, PVC  PE, PP, PVC
Heating of the camera - diesel fuel, (possible gas) хххх х
Diesel fuel consumption, liters per 1 cycle 3 to 4 4 to 6 6 to 9 10 to 20  15 to 25
The installed capacity of electric power, kW 9121517 19
Dimensions of the machine, meters (length, width, height) 7х7х310х9х411х6х514х6х7 



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